Saturday, June 07, 2008

Seattle, Where The Constitution Does Not Always Apply

Seattle Mayor Greg Nichols has decided the 2nd amendment to the constitution does not apply in Seattle.
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels plans to ban concealed weapons at festivals after a shooting at Northwest Folklife injured three people.

Joshua Penaluna, her boyfriend, who was shot in the arm, called a ban a good idea. "At a public area like that, the only people that should have weapons should be cops and security."

And criminals Joshua, you forgot criminals. Because the reality is only "law abiding" citizens follow laws.

On May 25, the two Renton residents were hit by stray gunfire after a fight erupted between two men. A bullet shattered Penaluna's wrist and then entered Thorsnes' thigh. A third man, Henry Morris, who was struggling with the gunman, suffered powder burns on the upper lip and nose when the gun discharged close to his face.

Does anyone believe that someone willing to violate attempted murder laws by pulling a gun out and starting to shoot is going to be deterred from bringing a gun by a law against possession?

It was the first shooting in the festival's 37-year history.

So the reality is no doubt thousands and thousands of people have probably had concealed guns at the festival in the past and this was the first shooting. So because of this one shooting, part of the United States Constitution is now null and void at festivals in the city of Seattle.

Let me make an analogy. Let's say tomorrow, someone goes to Safeway and buys a 6 pack of beer and starts drinking it on the drive home and gets in a bad accident that injures some people, not kills, just injures. Should we now ban driving with alcohol in the car? I am not saying ban the consumption of alcohol while driving, that is and should be illegal. I am saying should we ban the transportation of alcohol in a vehicle. If a 6 pack is sitting in a grocery bag in the back seat of a car, should that be banned? The simple act of having a concealed weapon at a festival does not cause harm. Using that weapon, that can, and I stress, can cause harm. It is the same with the alcohol in the car. Having alcohol in the car does not cause harm. Using the alcohol can cause harm. But here is the difference... using the weapon at the festival can cause good. It could stop a serious crime. Using the alcohol in the car will not cause anything positive to happen. One more difference... we do not have a constitutional right to keep and use alcohol.

And where exactly is the ACLU on this issue? Their silence is deafening.

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