Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary!, Paying For Large Crowds

When you do not have real support, pay to have supporters bused in.
Reporters who walked into this Nashua high school today were immediately struck by the crowd — there are visibly more people here for Sen. Hillary Clinton than were here for Sen. Barack Obama yesterday in the same location.

The Clinton crowd was loud and boisterous and their foot-stomping was thunderous.

Many of them were also from Massachusetts.
Serap Sankoh, a biostatistician from Acton, Mass., said she had been actively recruited to attend and wave signs wildly by the Clinton campaign. "I got the telephone calls not last night but the night before and I'm a die-hard supporter, so I made the drive," she said.
UPDATE, 4:20 P.M. — When the event ended I talked to some of the out-of-staters, including Julia Fuchs, 65 and a recent graduate student. She was about to board one of the buses back to New York after spending two days in the Granite State for Clinton.

"We are crazy about her. We came here to stump for her, they told me where to go," she said. "The campaign paid for everything."

Fuchs also told me that one questioner who asked about student loans during the event was one of the volunteers from New York.

UPDATE, 5:20 P.M. — I just spoke to the student loans questioner, Dominique Wilburn, who told me she actually is an intern in Clinton's New York senate office.

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