Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Peace Activist" Rachel Corrie, Coming To A Theatre Near You

From The Seattle Repertory Theatre:
Twenty-three year-old Evergreen State College graduate (and Olympia, Washington native) Rachel Corrie went to the Gaza Strip to aid Palestinians whose homes were being destroyed in the conflict with Israel. In March of 2003, she was killed by an Israeli bulldozer. Combining an activist’s passion with an artist’s sensibilities, Rachel Corrie was a determined and caring young woman, trying to find a sense of truth and understanding in a very complex situation. This compelling story of a personal political journey is told through Corrie’s own words from her journals, as assembled by actor/director Alan Rickman and journalist Katharine Viner.

My Name is Rachel Corrie was the winner of the Theatergoer’s Choice Award in London, where The Guardian wrote “Theatre can't change the world. But what it can do, when it's as good as this, is to send us out enriched by other people's passionate concern...you feel you have not just had a night at the theatre: you have encountered an extraordinary woman.”

Here is Rachel teaching Palestinian children about peace and tolerance.
Can't you see the passion in her eyes?


emerson said...

That top picture is iconic -- if you're an enraged, rich, white, American Socialist who hates the United States as a democracy. I prefer the Rachel Corrie Urinal:


I don't believe a major motion pisture will be made about her. Maybe the Worker's World Party has a film festival.

hANOVER fIST said...

If you are a REAL AMERICAN, you hate the idea of the United STates as a DEMOCRACY...which it is NOT.

The United States is a REPUBLIC...but it's going downhill with corptopcracy and infotainment from our co-opted "corporate" media.

Don't they realize that once the aims of the scumbags have been met, that THEY will be the next "useless eaters" to be rid of?


Okay...maybe I'd leave Ron Paul, Mike "Pentagon Papers" Gravel, Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich.