Monday, March 26, 2007

It Is Official, We Can Now Question Their Patriotism

I am not even going to attempt to hint what this is other than a picture from the recent anti war protest in Portland. If I tried to simply hint at what it shows, I would have to put in a Not Safe For Work warning for that alone. Let me just say DO NOT CLICK HERE unless you are NOT offended EVER!


Pedicularis said...

My liberal friends are openly anti-war, opposed to nationalism, and loath the U.S. military, but they claim to be patriotic. There is even a lefty bumper sticker that says "Peace is patriotic." Since there is nothing illegal about publicly stating, "I am not patriotic," why pretend? Why don't they just admit they are not patriotic? Many liberal youth have the courage to refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, but everyone wants to be patriotic. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

What's lost in this issue is the fact that the libs' definition of patriotism is different from the conservatives.

Sadly the concept of patriotism that is non-partisan to either side has IMO been lost since Viet Nam.

The irony is those who are our enemies will NEVER tolerate free speach and expression of ideas.