Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Racists in Canada Do Not Want To let You Publicly Beat or Burn Alive A Women.

What kind of fascist state has Canada become? Originally from, I am not sure where, but a good link can be found at Atlas Shrugged. Here is a quick recap:
Almost everyone living in Quebec's tiny town of Herouxville is white, French-speaking and Catholic. But that didn't stop local officials from adopting a rule of conduct for immigrants.

Included in the code: women should be able to show their faces in public (aside from costumes worn on Halloween), and they should also be permitted to drive and write cheques. Women should also not be killed in public beatings or burned alive. Critics call the code ridiculous and xenophobic..."
This is an issue that hits almost all of my hot points. If some 3rd world crap hole of a country where 95 percent of the people are illiterate wants to outlaw the Bible and make Christianity a crime, that is their choice, just do not expect me to contribute any tourist dollars to the economy anytime soon. Also do not start throwing around the racist tag when another country decides it is not ok to BEAT AND BURN WOMEN IN PUBLIC. As a commentator on Atlas Shrugs notes,
Racist is a term that is overused and misused. What 'race' are Muslims? What 'race' are Christians or Jews? Answer? You can be ANY race and be any one of those religions. A person's religiosity doesn't affect their religion except in some cases (Hinduism and Shinto come to mind... but I'm not an expert by any stretch).

These polished turds like the spokesman of the Muslim Council of Montreal know exactly what they are doing by using the word 'racist'. They are unjustly using a word that most people find powerful and negative. For most people, to be called a racist would cause them to stop what they are doing.

The other part of the statement that is interesting is the use of the word 'xenophobia'. Webster's defines the word this way: "fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign"

I don't find it at all unreasonable for people to fear or hate customs like burning, beating or stoning women to death. It is repellent behavior, and Herouxville has stated that it would not be tolerated.

How is this unreasonable?

Personally I think these immigrants should spend a little less time lighting Mom on fire for exposing a little too much ankle and spending a little more time praying to Allah for indoor plumbing for family and friends back in the homeland.

This SNL clip, by way of Hot Air, kind of sums up my feelings on the issue.

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Barry O'Regan said...

Hello Andrews Dad, Nice SNL clip, The Citizens of Herouxville thank you for posting our story on your blog. We would like to invite you to our new Official English Language weblog, very different that the one the Media have issued. We would also be pleased if your readers left a comment, whether for or against as that is their democratic right as Citizens, please feel free to pass along our weblog address and link to your readers. We think it important your readers read what we have to say from our mouths instead of second hand through other less reliable outlets.
Warmest Regards
Barry O'Regan (Authour) written with permission on behalf of Mr. Andre Drouin (Herouxville Town Councillor)the Mayor Mr. Martin Perigny and the Citizens of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada