Monday, February 05, 2007

An Open Letter to One of My Three Readers

Dear You Know Who You Are,

Sorry about your Bears taking the gas pipe during the Super Bowl the other day. Was Rick Mirer not available to play QB? I feel your pain, well actually I do not since my team, the 5 time world champion San Francisco 49ers have never lost a Super Bowl. Of course the Bears are not really “your team” are they? They are just one of a couple of teams whose bandwagon you jump on when they happen to have a good year once every 20 years or so, along with the Seahawks and Cowboys. I would not know what that is like since I do not have a backup favorite team. I have stuck with the 49ers through thick and then when Steve Deberg was the QB and when Dennis Erickson… ok, maybe not then, even I have my limits of fan loyalty. So this is your official warning, come next year when Super Bowl XVLMQ or whatever letters they are on, comes around, do not even think of jumping on the 49ers bandwagon. Do not ask me to move over and make some room because I am bringing the Lazy Boy and putting it in the full recline position.

P.S., love the new company website, much better than the old one but get a haircut you hippie!

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Anonymous said...

You have more than three readers. I just rarely comment anywhere.