Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Proper Way to Educate Kids, Including Minorities

I sent an email to the Seattle School District Board members about an NPR story, I heard about from Ace 'O Spades.

Here is the recap of the story:

Five years ago, the American Indian Charter High School in Oakland, Calif. was about to be closed down because of poor attendance and rock-bottom academic scores. But civil rights leader Ben Chavis joined the school as principal -- bringing his controversial political philosophy and unconventional curriculum -- and now the school has the highest academic scores in the city and a nearly 100 percent attendance rate. Emily Wilson of member station KALW reports.

Listen to the story, it is not very long. Somehow I think this is not an approach the Seattle School District would recommend. Sadly, these are the kinds of results I do not expect to see from the Seattle School District.

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