Monday, August 14, 2006

It Is Time We Start Profiling

I can not express it nearly as well as Ace 'O Spades, but it is WAY past time we started profiling Muslims.

The turning point for me was getting to the non air conditioned John Wayne Airport in Orange County CA. this past Thursday 3.5 hours early due to the "beverage bombers". I was expressing this to my sister in law, who I am fairly sure has never voted Republican in her life and she said "we need to start profiling". That was a real eye opener. For someone like her to say something like that tells me public opinion may be shifting. As I told her, the Muslim community needs to start feeling the pain because of those around them that are sympathetic towards or do not openly and publically condemn the actions of those who they claim are hijacking their religion. I hear a lot of talk after the fact that it is a small minority of Muslims but I am not hearing or seeing anything before hand to prevent the actions. Maybe if they were half as concerned about fellow Muslims attempting to commit mass murder in the name of Islam as they appear to be over potentially being profiled, I would be more sympathetic.

So in the meantime, I would suggest we profile all Muslim males and let it be know that it will continue as long as Muslim males appear to be the majority of perpetrators for terror plots such as 9/11, the British Subway bombings, Spain's 7/7, the beverage bombers, etc., etc., etc. Maybe the point will eventually get across that this is not acceptable behavior and the quickest way to put a stop to it is for Muslims to start policing their own.

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