Tuesday, February 04, 2014

February Net Worth Numbers

Down about 23K this month. Final number was 1,006,925. As I said before, this includes bank accounts, stocks, houses both residence and rental but not other assets that are hard to value such as vehicles, jewelry, furniture and ownership in my small business. I want my number to be very conservative and easy to calculate.

We did have a change in cars. My old car, an Acura MDX had some issues so we traded it in on a used Subaru. I am now driving the Honda hybrid which was something we were considering doing anyway because of my long commute. Bottom line, I am going to save close to $200 a month just in gas. I loved the MDX but the one knock on it, which I knew about when I purchased was the mileage would be poor, maybe 18 mpg and that was 90% highway driving. I am averaging 47 mpg with the hybrid.

The drop in net worth was a fairly even combination of the houses and stocks. The stock market has been a challenge or late and I just need to remind myself that this opens up buying opportunities. I have talked both online and in person on this subject a number of times over the month that those who do well in the market see downturns as the chance to buy and those who do not see downturns as the time to sell and get out. Then of course when things turn around and the market is going crazy, those who do well tend to sell and those who do not are eager to put in all they have. Now one of these approaches is buy low, sell high and one is not.

Here is my Net Worth Primer with some background about what I do and why I do it.


Derek Olsen said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting all of this.

I do not include the value of cars as assets either. If you sell a car, you will probably just use that money to buy another car anyway.

Cars are a sunk cost that you will never re-gain.
That is why I do not include the value in my networth.

Thanks for posting.


Free Money Minute said...

I am sure your March totals will be up as the market did come back. I am curious, what is your small business?

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