Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seattle University's Socialist Econ Professor / Candidate

An article in the Seattle Times talks about a lawsuit by Kshama Sawant. She filed to run in the 43rd L.D. position 1 and was endorsed as a write in candidate for the 43rd L.D. position 2. She finished 2nd in both primaries but can only be on the ballot in one race. So she picked position 2. State law says a write in candidate can't show the political party. Ms. Sawant is a member of the Alternative Soclialist Party. Ms. Sawant also does not think the current rules should apply to her and wants the party affiliation listed on the ballot and has sued. Now I will skip all discussion on the sanity of someone thinking that listing Alternative Socialist Party on the ballot will actually help them because, well it is Seattle after all so maybe it would help.

Here is my issue with the story. Ms. Sawant is an econ professor at South Seattle C.C. and Seattle University. The Alternative Socialist Party candidate is an econ professor at Seattle University, the school where I earned my degrees. OK, whatever, as long as I guess you understand econ and is not promoting some wacky ideas, like privatizing successful businesses that have created substantial wealth in the area...

•Break the power of Wall Street and Corporate America! Take the giant corporations that dominate Washington state such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, into public ownership under democratic workers' control to be run for public good, not private profit.
Oops... guess not.

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