Friday, September 18, 2009

Micheal Moore, The Genius Hypocrite

Micheal Moore was a guest on the new Jay Leno show Tuesday evening. You can view the interview at this link, 25 minutes into the show. When he walked onstage, my first reaction was man is he fat. Now an educated guess is he is around 6 feet tall and has to be close to 300 pounds. The first comment Jay made was about his weight and surprisingly enough, he has lost 70 pounds and we were told he is half way to his goal. Now someone who is 6 feet tall is considered obese If they are over 220 pounds. So I am going to guess his goal is in the 220 range which would put him currently around 290 and therefore was once hovering in the 360 range. Why do I bring this up? Because the reason for the appearance was to promote his new movie. Now his previous movie was called Sicko which was a condemnation of the United States health care industry, specifically insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. But the reality is that the majority of health related issues in the United States are because of lifestyle choices and obesity is right around the top of the list. Think about this fact, our poor people are fat. 1 in 7 low income children is considered obese. So this man who makes a decision to lead a life which puts him at an exceptionally high risk of having health issues makes a movie complaining about insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies making excessive profits. How much did the morbidly obese Micheal Moore make off of this film? Well the reports are he made 50% of the after cost take. The film cost 9 million to make. It grossed over 24 million in the United States and over 11 million overseas. So the gross minus the cost is 26 million, half of that is 13 million. I am sure there were other expenses but I think it is safe to say that Mr. Moore made a significant amount of money, probably over 10 million, complaining about an industry when he is in fact should be the poster child for what is wrong with health care in the United States.

And that leads to any even more extreme example of hypocrisy by Mr. Moore. His current film is called Capitalism, a love story. It is about how capitalism is evil. This from a man who is making millions and millions of dollars off of making film that complains about the exact things he does with his life. During the interview with Jay Leno, Moore made the claim that the top 1% hold more wealth in this nation than the bottom 95%. I was not able to find any stats on that for the last year or two but the stats I did find from a couple of years ago do not support that claim. The unbelievable part though was when he talked about the rich and how “they” now want our money. Excuse me? This guy is without a doubt in the top 1% of income earners and is probably in the top tenth of 1% and is talking to someone who has even more money than he does and he refers to the rich as “they”. In that conversation, any reference to the rich should have used the term “us” or “we”.

I have got to give the guy credit though, being able to look in the mirror, recognize the worst in you, making a film blaming others for your faults and making a boat load of money, genius, pure genius. I am expecting Mr. Moore’s next film to be a condemnation of those who dress like slobs.


Howard Martin said...

Moore's obesity is as irrelevant to his critique of capitalism as is his success as a filmmaker.

Ann said...

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