Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jay Inslee Health Care Question Update

Day 60 and counting. 8+ weeks and no answer to my question.

I did have another email from an actual staff member that once again did not answer the question. The question was and still is if a public option is passed as part of health care reform, with Congressman Inslee sign up for that public option for his personal health care. The email I got said Congressman Inslee does support a public option. I replied back and then called the office and spoke directly with the staff member to both make sure the question was clear and to ask if I could get the answer expedited. That was 3 weeks ago. I emailed the same staff member on Monday, 3 days ago, asking for status and have not received a reply. I called the office this afternoon and was told they would talk to another staff member and get back to me.

60 days and no answer to a yes or no question and these are the people that want to be in charge of my health care.

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eric said...

Don't hold your breath, Andrew. Prince Inslee can't be troubled with the concerns of the little people.