Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bill Gates Need To Be Accountable To The Public For How He Donates His Money

So says Pablo Eisenberg, a senior fellow with the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, in one of the dumbest things I have read in a while. And that is saying a lot.

In short, The Gates Foundation would be well-advised to have an enlarged board of four to eight additional members who are not part of the Gates family or their personal advisers and retainers. Such a public board, along with greater and broader consultation, would give the Gates Foundation that minimal measure of public accountability that taxpayers and the public deserve. As a model for other family foundations, it could have an enormous, beneficial impact on our foundation world.

Eisenberg served for 23 years as Executive Director of the Center for Community Change. The Center for Community Change is a leftist socialist group
What We Believe

Only by challenging the "on your own" mentality of the right and building a new politics based on community values can we achieve social and economic justice.

that advocates for loans for the poor:
Helped establish the Community Reinvestment Act (1977). In 1978, helped community-based groups in Brooklyn and St. Louis file the first formal complaints against banks that failed to meet their CRA obligations. Results: Brooklyn received $20 million and St. Louis $1 million in housing loans for low-income neighborhoods.

Immigration reform
Launched and now staffs the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), a national coalition that unites 300 diverse grassroots groups to advance comprehensive immigration reform.

And other socialist agendas
Launched the Campaign for Community Values, a national effort to project the progressive values of interconnectedness and the common good into the political debate—and into public policies adopted by a new Administration and Congress.

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