Wednesday, May 07, 2008

State closes "flawed" office to help black children in welfare system

5 years after the “Office of African-American Children's Services” opened, someone realized that it
appeared to use "racial classifications as the sole factor in determining" which kids are served

I wonder if anyone at DSHS has looked to see if they have an “Office of Cooking and Distributing Meth”. Nothing gets past these people.

The flaw of course is not that the office only serves African American kids, the flaw is nobody is willing to admit what any sane person knows, that the problem is in the African American culture, parents, and more specifically fathers, in the African American community tend to not take responsibility for their children.
Obviously not the case in all or even most situations but just look at Seattle Public school data and compare the breakout by race with the percentage of kids living in a single parent home. Then see if there is a relationship between single parent homes and test scores. Who would have thunk it? It appears dad is not there to make sure junior does his homework.

Enough diversity training of the welfare workers already, get dads to take responsibility for their kids. There is no other solution.

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