Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bryan Suits interviews Jim McDermott

I have had this .mp3, all 24 minutes worth, of an interview Bryan Suits conducted of my Congressman Jim McDermott since early 2003. This interview is just prior to Iraq War 2.0.
Click here to listen to Bryan Suits interviewing Jim McDermott

The audio has some gaps, not sure why. I bring this up now because of the item over at Ace's that claims Saddam may have paid for McDermott's trip to Bahgdad prior to the war.

Note the following:
Jim McDermott is unaware that Bryan Suits, a talk show host on a political talk radio station, is an officer in the National Guard or that he is not old enough to have been in the Vietnam war.

After saying over and over that he has never said he was a Vietnam veteran, he then repeatedly says when I was in the (Vietnam) war.

He refers to the United States as "they".

It sounds like the Congressman may have "drank his dinner".

A little background. Bryan Suits use to be on Seattle Radio stations KIRO and KVI but was let go only to be picked up by Southern California talk radio powerhouse KFI. The first time I ever heard Bryan on the radio, he was on KIRO. I was just flipping through stations and heard this guy talking about McDermott and claiming that McDermott had never claimed to be a "Vietnam Veteran". To quote Kieth Jackson... Whoooa Nelly... earlier that week, I had personally heard Jim McDermott, while in Bahgdad, hence "Bahgdad Jim", give an interview on ABC's "This Week" were he said, and I quote,
I believe that sometimes they give out misinformation. Lyndon Johnson did it in the Vietnam War. Both David and I were in that war, and there was no Gulf of Tonkin incident.

So I emailed Bryan the next day and let him know this fact and pointed him to the transcript. That was the first of what turned out to be many, many emails and a few face to face meetings where alcoholic beverages may or may not have been consumed.


Anonymous said...

I ran into this over on Ace's blog. I live down in Des Moines, WA and while driving home from work today I was wondering where Bryan Suits had landed (I had really grown to love his show) and VOILA! I read your comment and followed the link. Thanks for the update.

Conservative Belle said...

I just knew you had some inside scoop on this. Thanks for sharing.