Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cuba looks ahead

In the recent Seattle Times love letter editorial to Comrade Fidel, they use the phrase "government-paid health insurance".

So what exactly is the source of income that allows the Cuban government to be able to pay for health insurance. What industry are they in where they make a profit?

Oh... that is right, oppressing its citizens.


Anonymous said...

I think you misread it.
It's time to look past Fidel Politic and consider the people of Cuba.
Some US influence would by pretty welcome in the very near future, and a little magnanamous victory would make us look all the better and serve the needs the both of us.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that everyone touts the "government-paid health insurance" while ignoring where the money comes from. The simple fact is that the money comes from capitalism. Yup... millions of Europeans spend their money in Cuban resorts each year. While Europeans are allowed to enjoy these luxuries, Cubans are banned from visiting these same resorts or using the internet that is only offered at these resorts. Cuban Socialism is a fiction.

Anonymous said...

If Cuba and socialism was such a panacea, then why do they need America? I thought socialism was the answer to everything?

Apparently, Cubans don't like socialism, hence the defections to the US.