Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gun Free Zones Strike Again

Chalk up another victory for gun free zones in their effort to keep law abiding citizens from protecting themselves against those who want to kill as many people as possible before the police can respond.

Today's shooting in Omaha was in the "gun free" Westroads Mall.
Some dispute about Westroads being posted "no guns." No dispute, there is a big sign inside every mall entrance that says "MALL RULES" and item 3-4 is "no weapons" which is enough under state law to qualify. I have seen the sign. I will stop in and take a pic whenever the mall reopens.

Well it sure sounds like it was not totally gun free, OK, maybe for the law abiding citizens it was. Somehow this person who was intent on committing mass murder must not have been aware he was in a gun free zone when he killed 8 people. Surely he would not have broken a gun law before committing mass murder by bringing a gun into a gun free zone. Why would a person who wanted to kill as many people as possible go to a place where it is posted nobody else will be able to shoot back?

We need to be honest and start calling these places Self Defense Free Zones.

Our prayers are with the victims and their families and all future victims of gun free zones. Someday, hopefully soon, the public will wake up to the absurdity of gun free zones. The only question is how many more will die in the meantime.

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Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

Excellent work, this is a passion of mine, as I am on our local Friends of NRA Board in my county.
We assisted another county with recently restocking camping gear, archery equipment, new rifles and a very large firearm safe for a local Boy Scout club (camp) that was broken into by recidivistic dirtbags. The Local city folk all faulted the boy scouts, who had no problem for over 60 years with a system that was locked but obviously not as effective as heavy steel bolted to freshly poured concrete, but one incident, and all the gunhaters were up in arms (sic). The sheriff contacted the press about our good deed, and they were not interested in anything but the "irresponsible scoutmasters" who in my opinion are a very caring and responsable group of guys.