Thursday, August 09, 2007

Global Warming...Human Caused Disaster Or Y2K Bug?

I was meaning to comment on the latest edition of Newsweak about how the Global Warming deniers are all bought and paid for by big oil, although clearly those scientist who get government money to study the effects of global warming... they are beyond questioning, but had not got around to reading the entire article.

Well this just broke, seems some of the data that the Global Warming alarmists are basing claims on is flawed, Y2K flawed.

But it gets better... it seems that the guy who wrote the buggy software, James Hansen is a huge Bush critic but refused to turn over his source code and raw data for other scientists to examine and attempt to duplicate. I guess that is one way to settle the science, do not let anyone else test your results. So a blogger, reverse engineered the data and figured out the problem which now shows that 1998 is not the hottest year on record, it is actually 1934.

James Hansen, get ready for some serious fact checking, and not that New Republic "seems plausible to us" kind. We are talking Freedom Of Information Act compliments of lots of conservative bloggers. Everything that has ever come out of this guys mouth or wrote on a piece of paper is now subject to review. It reminds me of what my cousin would say, "It is really going to suck to be him".

The biggest scandal of it all, NASA has quietly posted the new results. Now why would NASA, a non political scientific organization, not want to make sure everyone was aware that data they had provided that is causing all sorts of new laws and regulations and could eventually cost the US economy trillions of dollars, not want to publicly and openly correct the facts? Why oh why?

Go visit Ace for more details.

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Could it be a part of an agenda?