Friday, July 27, 2007

Minimum wage $9.50? Democrats Say If That Is What The Unions Want.

The minimum wage, nothing more than a giveaway to labor unions. Why else do unions push so hard for these people who are not union members. How many minimum wage earners are union members? Why would you join a union if you are getting minimum wage? The minimum wage simply increases the cost of non union labor.
NEW YORK ( -- Just days after the first increase in the minimum wage in 10 years, Democrats on Capitol Hill led by Sen. Edward Kennedy are discussing a further increase to $9.50 an hour.

Liana Fox of the labor-backed Economic Policy Institute said part of the reason for Kennedy's initiative is that by July of 2009, when the federal minimum is $7.25, 12 states with their own minimum wage law will be over $7.25.

ACORN is one of the groups involved in advocating for higher wages for poor and working-class families.

"It's not an issue that divides the country," she said
Says who?

It has always struck me as odd that in a country that I can pretty much say anything I want and the government can do nothing about it, if a consenting adult offers to clean my office for $5 an hour, that is illegal.

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Anonymous said...

I'll offer you a deal: I believe an employer should be free to offer an employee any wage the two parties agree to. All I ask is that landlords and developers be free to provide housing to any standard the parties agree to. So if I am free to accept a wage of $1 per hour, my landlord should be free to provide whatever housing he can afford to provide me.

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