Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Celebration Day

I was informed this morning by the "walking on logs" display in West Seattle that today is Worlds Aids Celebration Day. Not sure what the proper way to celebrate is and I am not sure I want to know. According to the Seattle Times, :

World Aids Day was marked around the globe by somber religious services,
boisterous demonstrations and warnings that far more needs to be done to treat
and prevent the disease in order to avert millions of additional deaths.

It went on to say

President Bill Clinton warned in an interview with the BBC that India, which has
the largest population of HIV infected people in the world, has become the new
epicenter of the global AIDS pandemic. The challenge of controlling the epidemic
in India, with 5.7 million infected, is "breathtaking," he said, but it can be
"This is not rocket science," Clinton told the BBC. "We know what
to do."
Here is one thing we can all do to stop the spread of Aids, do not act like Bill Clinton. Far more needs to be don’t to treat and prevent the disease?!? We know how to prevent the disease. Anyone who is not aware of how to prevent the disease is purposely not paying attention.
The amazing thing about Aids is how easy it is to NOT catch the disease. For the overwhelming majority of people, do not use illegal intravenous drugs and do not have sex, especially a specific kind of sex, with multiple partners and the probability that you will get Aids is almost zero. Aids really is preventable, we as a society are not willing to hold accountable those who catch it because of their reckless behavior and until we do, it is something we will be dealing with for a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of insensitive, aren't you?

Many of the women who get AIDS in Africa and similar places are raped, or forced into marriages with HIV+ men by their families, or their husbands go out and sleep with other women behind their back... not to mention the court systems in places like Pakistan that use rape as a punishment, the bad medical care without proper blood screening, various rituals that should no longer be performed, and a host of other ways to catch the disease.

Maybe you should get out there and try and do something about it like Bill C. (and, for that matter, George W, who has dramatically increased federal funding for third world AIDS prevention. Might be more useful than sitting there having a chuckle about women getting raped. I hope your wife or daughter doesn't read your blog, or maybe they'll see what type of man you are....