Friday, November 10, 2006

Memo To the Seattle P.I.

Carefully temper any dreams of being an operating business in 2008. I am willing to bet today that Dino Rossi will have a better November 2008 than the Seattle P.I. and the reason is Dino Rossi has something to offer, the Seattle P.I. gives us nothing that we could not get from the DNC.

Visit Orbusmax and Sound Politics for details.


Anonymous said...

Bravo. I couldn't have said it better. Two years is a long time in dog years. Now that the D's are in charge we can sit back and watch the world crumble around us. The question is who's to blame.

Bill in Bothell

EricMatthew said...

How concise and probably accurate.

With about 125,000 in daily circulation (and falling), the PI is going further into irrelevance. It is quite obvious it is no longer profitable; the only reason I figure the Hearst corporation does not "take the money and run" by willingly terminating the agreement (by getting a wad of cash every year for a long time, per the agreement) is they are partisan Democrats themselves and wish to keep inseminating their opinion for as long as possible. Or they are in their own fantasyland and ignore the trends thinking there will be a comeback someday. Kinda like a proprietor of failing carriage manufacturer circa 1915 investing more cash to keep his business open.
Given that anything found in the PI today is free on the internet(and fresher, too!), including their own website, only dolts would continue to pay to get the daily paper. Figuring that Dino has a better chance of surviving 2008 than the PI, even in a blue state in a blue era, is a realistic assumtion.

Anonymous said...

And now everyone knows why the p-u can't survive without clinging to Fairview Fannies' apron strings...

Anonymous said...

Each of us has what I call a BS filter, the ability to identify pure crap when we see it. People of any political stripe tend to believe that which fits their belief system; hence, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes will die believing they were right about the bogus National Guard letter.

The News Media, and the Seattle Post Intelligencer (after thought?)in particular have no conservatives on staff. With no conservatives there is not a BS filter to identify pure crap about the conservative movement. Liberals cannot identify BS about conservatives. There is no difference between pure BS and what liberals think of conservatives.

Every news organization should want to have one or two conservatives on staff just to help them identify glaring factual errors.