Friday, September 15, 2006

Jim McDermott Votes Against Earmark Reform For Fear of Lower Taxes

From Ace 'O Spades, word that earmark reform passed the house by a vote of 245-171. Instapundit links to the actual vote which shows my Congressman, Jim McDermott, voting against the bill.

So I called Rep. McDermott's Seattle office and asked why he would vote against the earmark bill. The official answer was, while the Congressman is in favor of earmark reform, this bill had too many loopholes for tax cuts and tax breaks. For example, the bill covers tax breaks that are specific for one company but if it was for more than one company, such as Exxon and Amoco, that would not be covered.

So it sounds to me that while Congressman McDermott may be against earmarks, what he is more concerned with is lower taxes. Trust me, I am not making this up because it is not possible for me to make something like this up.

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