Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Wacky Seattle

According to College Not Combat, a group that is trying to get military recruiters banned from Seattle schools,

At least 90% of women in the military report sexual abuse; 30% are rape cases.

This is a classic example of the lunatic left at its worst. They insist on diversity... as long as you agree with them. They want choice... as long as its the type of choice they want you to have. They claim they are doing things to help the kids yet do everything they can to limit legitimate opportunities that in reality hurt the poor the most.

I have an email into the contact person to find out the source for the rape claim. I am not going to hold my breathe on ever hearing back.


Skinem said...

Noticed the "College not Combat" link is no longer live. Wonder why that is?
Also, I think there's another example in your post that is evidence of a common tactic of the "Lunatic Left"...they do enjoy using stats that cannot be backed up or that are patently false and absurd. According to them nearly 1 out every 3 women in the military are raped!? I've got to call bull on that one...

AndrewsDad said...

I sent an email to the contact email address asking for a source about the rape claim and never got a response back.