Saturday, October 29, 2005

Seattle City Council member Nick Licata…. Is in charge of the Seattle City Council's Poetry program. From the official poetry web page:

“Upon his election to the City Council, Nick instituted poetry readings before his committee meetings believing that the personal insight of poetry has the power to enlighten the routine of government.A guest poetry curator for Words' Worth is chosen every few months. He or she, in turn, selects a number of poets to read their own works. The curator assigns one of her or his poets to read at the beginning of each standing City Council Committee meeting that Nick Chairs at the time.Would you or someone you know like to apply to be a curator for Words' Worth? If so, please contact Frank Video at (206) 684-8849 or at It Pays!”

Seattle, a city whose School District is $20 million+ in the hole, pays poets to read at city council meetings. Why does this not surprise me?

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