Sunday, December 21, 2008

Global Warming... Is There Nothing It Can Not Do, Part 424.

An "informative" article in today Pacific Magazine section of today's Seattle Times
While there is great year-to-year variability in our weather, Mass documents a warming trend, increased precipitation, a decrease in snowpack in the mountains and less snow in the lowlands.

In unrelated news...
Snow continues to fall; freezing rain glazes roads
Snow is falling again this afternoon all around the region — south in Fife and Tukwila, at Paine Field in Everett, east in Redmond, and on the Seahawks and Jets at Qwest Field in Seattle.

The when's-it-going-to-end snow followed a pre-dawn freezing rain that left a slippery layer of ice over Saturday's snow. Roadways and sidewalks have been left worse for the mix.


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